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Healthy Vegan Recipes from God’s Garden

My lovely wife, Denise, and I are vegans. 
As such, we’ve been blessed to be living 
examples of the benefits of a healthy diet 
and lifestyle. This is nothing new – definitely 
not one of those “fad diets”. This is what 
God intended from the beginning in the 
Garden of Eden (see Genesis 1:29). As 
our Creator, He knew the best kind of fuel 
our Hand-made bodies required. This “fuel” 
consisted of seed-bearing plants, fruits, and green plants. Later (with Noah and the flood) came “clean” meat, which today, I’m afraid, is very hard to find. Pollution, pesticides and hormonal drugs have made meat a toxic poison that must be avoided if you truly want to be healthy!

As a result of the “GOOD” (God Offers Options Diet), Denise has lowered her cholesterol level by 64 points in less than a year! Her bone density has greatly improved as well. Instead of relying on a doctor’s prescription for high cholesterol and osteopenia, Denise relied on her faith and sought guidance from the Great Healer Himself. With a little research, she came to the common-sense conclusion that proper nutrition has EVERYTHING to do with good health. She has since come to learn of the amazing power of food and the vitamins that are provided in God’s original “meal plan”. She hopes that her recipes will be a blessing to you and will help you to experience the joy of healthy eating!

If you would like to learn more on this subject, 
take advantage of the free Bible study on the 
adjoining page titled, To Your Health.

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About the following recipes:

First of all, these recipes are EASY. Secondly, "what you see is what you get"…each photo was taken right after Denise prepared the recipe in our home. Third, these recipes taste GREAT! I ought to know…I’m the official “Taste-Tester”!

TIP: Bookmark and return often to grab a brand new recipe as they are added (and be sure to share with those you care about). To your health!  – Gary
Each recipe will look like this and can be printed out on standard, 8 1/2 X 11 paper.
Recipe Count: 51
Directions:  Simply click a recipe title to download it. Each recipe is a 1 page PDF document that you can either save to your computer and/or print out. If you need a new/updated Adobe Reader for downloading, you may get it for free by clicking on the icon below on right. Enjoy!
This page was last updated: January 10, 2017
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